Many people pass exams but then let themselves down come interview time. Many others are looking in the wrong place for jobs or are in a job but want to start working for themselves.

These courses fill in the gap left by many other training companies. That is, how do you get people to pay you for your skills? All the below courses are included as part of your access all areas membership.


Get Into IT – Land Your First IT Job

How do you get your first IT role? This course shows you where to look for the best jobs, how to prepare yourself, and how to get over the “lack of experience” problem. I used these exact techniques to land my first IT job after leaving the police force.

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IT Freelancing – Start Your Own IT Business

Anyone can become an IT freelancer. In fact, it's often far easier than going for a job because there are usually no interviews! In this course, I share all my secrets to successful IT freelancing with you.

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Ace Your IT Exams

Half of the candidates taking IT exams such as Cisco or Microsoft fail! They are often under-prepared or panic and let their nerves get the better of them. This course is all about how to plan and prepare for your exams and perform well.

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