Wireshark Certified Network Analyst – WCNA

Video training course for the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst course. This is a hugely beneficial certification for any network engineer who will be involved in troubleshooting network faults or network performance issues.

Your Instructor

Daniel Neagaru
Is fluent in English, Romanian, Russian. He is an expert in Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Debian, Backtrack and Kali. He is also a Wireshark certified engineer and also a full time student studying IT. When he isn't studying, Daniel works on freelance IT systems consultancy projects.

Here's what is included:

  • Over 2 ┬áhours of video training
  • Instructor set challenge labs
  • End-of-module exams
  • End-of-course certificate
  • Captions available
  • Access to members only forum
  • Exam vendor – PAI
  • Prerequisites – None
  • Recommended – Network+
Module 1 Introducing Wireshark & Network Analysis
Unit 1 Introduction to Network Analysis
Unit 2 Introduction to Wireshark
Module 2 Configuring & Using Wireshark
Unit 1 Capture Traffic
Unit 2 Capture Filters
Unit 3 Global and Personal Preferences
Unit 4 Colorization in Wireshark
Unit 5 Define Time Values and Interpret Summaries
Unit 6 Interpret Basic Trace File Statistics
Unit 7 Create and Apply Display Filters
Unit 8 Follow Streams and Reassemble Data
Unit 9 Customize Wireshark Profiles
Unit 10 Annotate, Save, Export and Print Packets
Unit 11 Use Wireshark's Expert System
Module 3 TCP Traffic Analysis
Unit 1 TCP/IP Analysis Overview
Unit 2 DNS Traffic
Unit 3 ARP Traffic
Unit 4 IPv4 Traffic
Unit 5 ICMP Traffic
Unit 6 UDP Traffic
Unit 7 TCP Traffic
Unit 8 Graph IO Rates and TCP Trends
Unit 9 DHCP Traffic
Unit 10 HTTP Traffic
Unit 11 FTP Traffic
Unit 12 Email Traffic
Module 4 Advanced Wireshark Features
Unit 1 WLAN Analysis
Unit 2 VoIP Analysis
Unit 3 Traffic Baselining
Unit 4 Network Forensics Overview
Unit 5 Find the Cause of Performance Problems
Unit 6 Detect Scanning and Discovery Processes
Unit 7 Analyze Suspect Traffic
Unit 8 Effective use of Command Line Tools
Unit 9 Wireshark Tricks and Tips