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Ebook – The Best IT Study and Career Advice in the World [Value $97]

Everything I’ve learned from 2000 working for large IT companies and then forming my own IT company as well as teaching tens of thousands of students of all levels from all over the world. 284 pages of my most popular blog posts all assembled into a pdf. I was going to sell this as a product for $97 but I’m giving it away.

Webinar 1 – How to Study Like a Pro [1 hour 15 mins]

If you find your study sessions are less then productive then this webinar will help you turbo boost your study sessions into supercharged learning lessons. Find out:

  • How to study in a way you enjoy
  • Discover how to say ‘NO' to distractions
  • Find your best ‘study windows'
  • How to review your progress to keep on track
  • Establish study rules which can't be broken

The webinar comes with a free workbook you can refer to time and time again to get laser focused. Never waste another study session.


Webinar 2 – How to Land Your First IT Job [1 hour 18 mins]

This webinar accompanies our Break Into IT video training course. You'll learn how to:

  • Choosing the right IT career path
  • Getting a plan into place
  • Resume tips to get your application noticed
  • How to get recommended for interviews
  • Interview tips
  • and much more


Webinar 3 – 10 Myths About IT Freelancing [1 hour 16 mins]

90% of what you read online about freelancing as an IT engineer, IT manager or project manager is simply untrue. In this webinar I share with you what I learned freelancing for many small and large companies. This webinar was a bonus for anyone taking our IT freelancing course. Topics include:

  • Why contractors don't have to be experts
  • Legal structures available
  • Job security vs Contract security
  • Why freelancers get paid more
  • How to get to the front of the line

Webinar 4 – How to Perform Well in Your IT Exams [30 mins]

Just learning subjects from the syllabus is NOT enough. 50% of exam takers fail and it's usually not because they didn't study hard enough. Topics include:

  • How to over prepare for the exam
  • How to remember what you study
  • How to keep motivated to study
  • The best way to structure your study sessions
  • How to finally get organized
  • Tips for exam day


Webinar 5 – The Secret to Massive Motivation [1 hour 6 mins]

Why do 90% of students who start to study quit before they take the exam? Could it be they simply lost their motivation? This is especially true when life gets busy and we have work and family demands putting pressure on our time. In this webinar we cover:

  • Why some people are highly motivated and how to do what they do
  • Discovering your values
  • How to use pleasure and pain to motivate yourself
  • How to use goals to motivate yourself
  • The one book I read which motivated me like crazy
  • Free workbook included with exercises to increase your motivation
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