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What does the site teach me?
If you want to have a successful career in IT you need to be qualified. We help you prepare for your IT certification exams with video lectures, exams, case studies and lab exercises to follow along.
I'm a beginner. Where do I start?
We've set out a roadmap for you to follow. This is based on many years experience in the IT industry. It gives you a solid foundation and internationally recognized qualifications. From there you can choose to specialize.
What is included in the joining fee?
Everything! All courses, videos and exams. All future courses we add. No hidden extras and no catches. Check out the full list of courses here.
How much is it to join?
It's $1 to join and then $20 per month thereafter. You can quit any time by logging a ticket and we will close off your account.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. You have a full 30 days to try the site out. If you aren't happy for any reason then please log a ticket and we will refund you.
Are my credit card details safe?
Absolutely. We don't actually store any card details. All transactions take place via a fully PCI compliant card processing company.
How many courses can I take at once?
You can access one course at a time. We have this limit to prevent overwhelm. There are hundreds of hours of training here and most people take one certification at a time. If you need to study for a related course at the same time then please log a ticket.
Can I download the course videos?
Unfortunately not. But your videos all stream off super fast cloud servers on the cloud so are delivered locally to you.
Will the videos play on my mobile device?
They should all play fine. They are MP4 but also use HTML5.
Why do I have to take exams at the end of each module?
Most online training companies throw videos at you but don't actually prepare you for the exam or the real world in fact. We set end of module exams to ensure the learning has sunk in.
Are your certificates industry recognised?
Certificates are issued upon the successful completion of your course. These are not the same as the certificates you receive when you take the vendors official exam however you can use them as proof that you have attained a good level of knowledge of the subject.
What qualifications do the trainers have?
All our trainers are very experienced IT experts in their field with many years of real world experience. They were selected for their ability to teach you what you need to know to pass your exams and apply your knowledge in the real world. Our trainers have qualifications ranging from dual CCIE, MCSE, MCT, CISSP, RHCE and many others. Check out our instructors page.
How do I get started?
Simply fill in the join page and indicate which course you want to start with. We will get you set up within 24 hours but probably less.