Cisco CCNA Primer

Video training course for the novice student considering taking the Cisco CCNA exam and who wants to build a solid foundation first.

The CCNA is not a beginners exam. Even if you have passed the CompTIA Network+ you will find it a big challenge. What has been lacking until now is a course which bridges the gap between a basic knowledge of internetworking and a foundational Cisco course. Consider taking this course if:

  • You want to take the CCNA but didn't follow the Network+ course
  • Have passed the Network+ but want to set a foundation for the CCNA
  • Feel you are missing knowledge around TCP/IP and Cisco networking
  • Want to do a fun and non-intensive course to build confidence and knowledge

Your Instructor

Paul Browning
Is the author of Amazon best selling books Cisco CCNA Simplified and CCNA in 60 Days.He started teaching IT courses in 2002 after leaving Cisco systems and went on to create several successful online training companies and study guides.

Paul can explain difficult subjects in an easy-to-understand way which has made his classroom and online courses extremely popular. His easy subnetting method has been used by thousands of students from all over the world.

  • Over 6 hours of video training
  • Instructor guided labs
  • End-of-module exams
  • End-of-course certificate
  • Captions available
  • Access to members only forum
  • Exam vendor – N/A
  • Prerequisites – None
  • Recommended – Network+
Module 1 Preparing for the CCNA
Unit 1 What is the Cisco CCNA Exam?
Unit 2 What is the CCNA Exam Format?
Unit 3 The Best Way to Prepare
Unit 4 How to Build a CCNA Home Lab
Unit 5 CCNA Preparation Materials
Unit 6 After the CCNA
Unit 7 LAB - Connect to a Router
Module 2 Networking Basics
Unit 1 Common Network Devices
Unit 2 Network Cables and Connectors
Unit 3 The OSI Model
Unit 4 The TCP Model
Unit 5 TCP/IP Protocols and Services
Unit 6 LAN Technologies
Unit 7 Topologies
Unit 8 Network Appliances
Unit 9 Inside a Cisco Router
Unit 10 LAB - ARP, Telnet and PING
Module 3 Switching Bascis
Unit 1 VLANs and Trunks
Unit 2 Spanning Tree Prococol
Unit 3 The Cisco 2960 Switch
Unit 4 LAB - VLANs
Unit 5 LAB - Trunking
Module 4 IP Addressing and Subnetting
Unit 1 IPv4 Addressing
Unit 2 Easy Subnetting
Unit 3 IPv6 Addressing
Unit 4 Planning IP Addressing
Unit 5 Route Summarization
Module 5 Routing Protocols
Unit 1 Routing Concepts
Unit 2 Routing Protocols
Unit 3 Configuring the Router
Unit 4 Static Routing
Unit 5 LAB - Static Routes
Unit 6 LAB - Configuring RIP
Unit 7 LAB - Configuring EIGRP
Unit 8 LAB - Configuring OSPF
Module 6 Network Security
Unit 1 Access Lists
Unit 2 User Authentication
Unit 3 Firewalls and DMZ
Unit 4 Tunneling, Encryption and Remote Access
Unit 5 Security Appliances
Unit 6 Switch Security
Unit 7 LAB - Configuring Standard ACLs
Unit 8 LAB - Extended ACLs
Unit 9 LAB - Named ACLs
Module 7 Network Services
Unit 1 Network Address Translation
Unit 2 Cisco Discovery Protocol
Unit 3 NTP and Logging
Unit 4 Simple Network Management Protocol
Unit 5 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Unit 6 LAB - Static NAT
Unit 7 LAB - Dynamic NAT
Unit 8 LAB - CDP
Module 8 Wide Area Networks
Unit 1 Frame Relay
Unit 2 Wide Area Networks
Unit 3 LAB - PPP
Module 9 Troubleshooting
Unit 1 Router and Switch Troubleshooting