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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

This course covers everything you need to know to pass the exam including designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS, Lift and shift of an existing on-premises application to AWS, Ingress and egress of data to and from AWS and much more.

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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

Complete course covering deploying, managing, and operating scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS.

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Get Into IT – Land Your First IT Job

How do you get your first IT role? This course shows you where to look for the best jobs, how to prepare yourself, and how to get over the “lack of experience” problem. I used these exact techniques to land my first IT job after leaving the police force.

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IT Freelancing – Start Your Own IT Business

Anyone can become an IT freelancer. In fact, it's often far easier than going for a job because there are usually no interviews! In this course, I share all my secrets to successful IT freelancing with you.

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Ace Your IT Exams

Half of the candidates taking IT exams such as Cisco or Microsoft fail! They are often under-prepared or panic and let their nerves get the better of them. This course is all about how to plan and prepare for your exams and perform well.

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Cisco CCNA Primer

The Cisco CCNA is a hard exam and even if you have passed the CompTIA Network+ you may find it a huge leap in difficulty. The CCNA Primer course will help you lay a strong foundation for the CCNA and give you valuable knowledge and insights you can use if you decide to take the full CCNA course later on.

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Cisco CCNA Simplified

Video training course to accompany the Amazon bestselling book Cisco CCNA Simplified. Take this course if you want to take the ICND1/ICND2/CCNA exam using our famous workbook. If you are using another workbook or none at all then take one of the below two courses.

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The first of two exams if you want to pass your CCNA exam. If you pass only the ICND1, you will be awarded the CCENT certification. The CCENT course prepares you for junior-level Cisco network support as well as enables you to take the Cisco Voice and Security exams or any other specialization.

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Cisco ICND2

The ICND2 follows from the ICND1 and is a deeper dive into IPv6, routing, switching and network security as well as other advanced subjects.

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Cisco CCNA Security

Network security has always been a concern to every IT user, from the home-based PC user to major enterprise networks. If you want to enjoy a successful career in internetworking, then security is a skill you will want to learn. This course will get you up to the level required for the Cisco CCNA Security network technician.

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Cisco CCNA Voice

Voice networking is one of the most rewarding and in demand specialties available to network engineers. This video course is taught by an industry expert and former Cisco Academy Trainer.

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Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching

This core Cisco qualification consists of the three exams (shown below), ROUTE, SWITCH, and TSHOOT. Once you have passed them you will be qualified as a Cisco Certified Network Professional, which is held in very high regard in the networking industry. You need to set aside at least 9 months to study for all three exams.

Cisco CCNP ROUTE v2.0

The first and hardest of the three CCNP RS exams. ROUTE covers core routing architecture, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP and remote office technology.

This is a hard but very prestigious exam to pass. Allow 3-5 months per CCNP exam. Updated for the 2.0 syllabus.

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Cisco CCNP SWITCH v2.0

Switch covers layer 2 and 3 switching concepts including VLANs, STP, switch security, MPLS, QoS, voice and much more.

We recommend taking SWITCH before the ROUTE and TSHOOT exams because it's considered the easier of the three exams. Updated for the 2.0 syllabus.

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Cisco CCNP TSHOOT v2.0

The TSHOOT exam combines all your CCNA and CCNP knowledge gained so far and applies it to real-world internetworking issues.

We recommend you take this exam last out of the three you need to pass for the CCNP RS. Updated for the 2.0 syllabus.

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Cisco CCDA v3.0

The Cisco Certified Design Associate is your pathway to becoming a network designer. The CCDA is a highly enjoyable course packed with cutting edge design modules covering routing, security, voice, video, IPv6 and many other core topics you need to know before you plan an enterprise network. Updated for the brand new CCDA exam.

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Cisco CCDP v3.0

The Cisco Certified Design Professional is achieved by passing the CCNP ROUTE and SWITCH exams (above) and finally the ARCH.

This course teaches you how to plan and design advanced IP networks including BGP and Data Center requirements.

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Cisco CCNP – Voice

Cisco are the market leader in voice networking and the CCNP Voice is a highly sought after certification. In order to attain the certification you must pass five very hard exams starting with the CVOICE. See below.


The first of five exams for the CCNP Voice certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of how to implement and operate gateways, gatekeepers, Cisco Unified Border Element, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and QoS in a voice network architecture.

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CompTIA A+

This is where most IT careers begin. The A+ covers everything you need to know about computers as well as touching on the basics of binary, subnetting, and internetworking.

With over 100 hours of videos, quizzes, and practical demonstrations you have everything you need here to both pass your exam and carry out the role of a PC technician.

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CompTIA Network+

An essential qualification for any aspiring network engineer. The Network+ is now a requirement for any government or military employee if they want to work in the IT department.

This course covers TCP in detail, subnetting, network security, and many other core networking topics.

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CompTIA Security+

Network security engineers are never short of work in the IT industry. The CompTIA Security+ qualification is the perfect start to a career in network security or security consulting. Updated for the new SY0-401.

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CompTIA Linux+

The Linux+ qualification is awarded when you pass the LPIC1 exam, so you get two qualifications at the same time. Here is the Linux page.


CompTIA Cloud Essentials

A beginner level course teaching you all the fundamentals of cloud computing from both a business and technical perspective. This is a must have qualification for any serious network engineer.

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CompTIA Project+

CompTIA Project+ covers the entire project lifecycle, from initiation and planning through execution, acceptance, support and closure. It validates that project managers and team members have the classic project management skills to help them complete projects on time and within budget.

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CompTIA Storage+

The CompTIA Storage+ course shows you how to configure basic networks to include archive, backup, and restoration technologies. You will also learn the fundamentals of business continuity, application workload, system integration, and storage/system administration and basic troubleshooting on connectivity issues.

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ITIL Foundation

The Foundation level is the entry level qualification which offers you a general awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL service lifecycle, including the links between lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to service management practices.

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Your Juniper certification starts here no matter which path you eventually want to follow. The JNCIA covers networking basics as well as an overview of the Juniper command line system and basic configurations.

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Aimed at junior to experienced network engineers, the JNCIS-ENT exam tests your knowledge of switching (VLANS, layer 2 security, and spanning tree) and routing including OSPF, BGP, and ISIS.

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Aimed at network engineers with an intermediate level of knowledge about Juniper Networks Junos software for SRX Series devices. This course covers security features, such as zones, NAT, IPSec VPNs, High Availability Clustering, and more.

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CompTIA Linux+

You can opt to be awarded the Linux+ certification when you pass the LPIC1 exam (below).


Red Hat – RHCSA

Foundation exam for Red Hat server engineers. This course is for you if you work in a Red Hat environment or want to. It presumes you already have Network+ level of knowledge.

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Linux Professional Institute – LPIC1

The LPIC 1 is the first IT certification program to be professionally accredited by the National Commission For Certifying Agencies.

The course is made up of exams 101 and 102 below.


LPIC1 Exam 101 – System Architecture

The first of two exams you need to pass to gain the LPIC1 qualification. This course focuses on installation, devices, and files systems.

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LPIC1 Exam 102 – Data Management & Security

Focuses on shells, scripting and data management, user interfaces and desktops, administrative tasks, essential system services, networking fundamentals, and security.

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MTA – Database Fundamentals

If you are considering a career in data platform administration or business intelligence this course is the perfect place to start.
Based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 this course covers all the basics of administering an SQL database.

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MTA – Windows Operating System Fundamentals

The perfect place to start a career in desktop support. The MTA in Windows OS is a fun and very practical course you should be able to finish in a few hours and gain a valuable qualification.

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MTA – Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

A step toward becoming a Windows network administrator. Consider this course as a foundation towards becoming a MCSA or MCSE or take it if you are simply interested in learning more about Microsoft administration but don't want to jump into months of study quite yet.

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MTA – Security Fundamentals

A great foundational course for aspiring security engineers. We recommend following up with the Security+, which follows a very similar study path but with a few extras.

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Microsoft MCSA – Windows Server 2012

This course consists of the three exams shown below. The MCSA qualification is considered vital for any Microsoft network administrator and takes you part of the way toward the coveted MCSE certification.


Microsoft MCSA – Installing and Configuring Microsoft Server 2012

This is the first of three exams you are required to pass in order to achieve the coveted MCSA Server 2012 qualification. The course gives you a good understanding of Windows Server 2012 requirements and installation procedures. The course is highly focused upon practical application.

Updated for the R2 exam changes.

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Microsoft MCSA – Administering Windows Server 2012

The second of three exams for the MCSA Server 2012 qualification. This course covers several advanced Windows Server 2012 subjects. Updated for the R2 exam changes.

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Microsoft MCSA – Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

The third of three exams for the Microsoft MCSA 2012 qualification. We cover advanced configuration of DHCP, certificates and much more.

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Microsoft Specialist – Project 2013

Video training course for the Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013 74-343 exam. MS Project is the dominant PC-based project management software.

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Microsoft MOS – Word 2013

Word is one of the core Microsoft Office 2013 applications. Most of us use it but only understand a fraction of the features available. This course will take you from beginner to pro level as well as prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist exam.

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Microsoft MOS – Excel 2013

Excel is an essential tool for business people, students any any person who wants to organize data. Excel 2013 is an extremely popular and robust application and this course will take you from beginner to expert level. It will also prepare you for the MOS exam in Excel 2013.

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Microsoft MOS – Sharepoint 2013

Sharepoint has been used as a collaboration tool by organizations since 2001. These organizations must have qualified staff available to support this business critical tool. This course will prepare you to do just that.

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NetApp Certified Storage Associate – NCSA

NetApp Certified Storage Associates demonstrate a basic understanding of NetApp storage systems and Data ONTAP administration and management solutions.

If you are interested in a career in storage networking then this is the place to start.

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Master Subnetting – Subnetting Secrets

I created this course to deal with the confusing subnetting methods most IT trainers insist on teaching. This is a no-nonsense approach to show you how easy it is to subnet and how you can answer most subnetting questions in just a few seconds.

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IPv6 Certification

You must have a deep understanding of IPv6 if you are to survive as an IT engineer. This course will prepare you for two prestigious IPv6 certifications. This is a must have certification for network engineers.

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VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV)

This course is aimed at beginners and will give you a strong foundation in virtualization technologies and VMware Data Centre products. If you want to either learn the business benefits of the technology or pursue a career in virtualization then this is the place to start.

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Certified Web Developer

Once you have completed the PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL courses, you can complete the tasks in this final course and upon successful completion you will be awarded a certificate in Web Development. Please log a support ticket when you have passed the above modules and we will send instructions to get your certificate.

Certified Web Developer – PHP Fundamentals

A must-have skill for any web developer. PHP is used on millions of websites and web servers. This course will give you a good grounding in PHP and counts towards your Certificate in Web Development.

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Certified Web Developer – CSS Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Cascading Style Sheets. This course covers everything you need to apply CSS to your website, including fonts, borders, padding margins, and much more. It also features three hands-on exercises for you to attempt.

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Certified Web Developer – HTML Fundamentals

HTML is a core component of your web development toolkit. We cover syntax, tables, lists, forms, and much more. The course includes instructor set exercises and solutions as well as a fun quiz.

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Certified Web Developer – MySQL Fundamentals

MySQL is a open-source relational database management system. It is a popular choice of database for use in web applications. It is a very important aspect of your Web Development toolkit.

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Certified Web Developer – JavaScript Fundamentals

Here you learn all the basics of JavaScript, including variables, operators, loops, events, and jQuery. The course also features exercises set by the instructor you can try out.

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WordPress 101

Discover how easy it is to create professional-looking websites with no programming knowledge. WordPress is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a website for their small business or resume or even to promote their hobby.

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Wireshark Certified Network Analyst – WCNA

Learn how to sniff network traffic at the packet level. You will use these skills on a daily basis as a network engineer so it is highly recommended to take this exam.

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