33. In OSPF  neighbor state, negotiating the DD sequence numbers takes place as well as negotiating master/slave logic used for DD packets.

34. Which of the below is the correct impact of route filtering in OSPF using distribute-list?
35. When redistributing into EIGRP from another EIGRP process, what is the default metric assigned to routes?
36. When redistributing BGP routes into OSPF, what is the default assigned metric to these routes?
37. Which of the below is not a field in OSPF Type 5 LSA?
38. Which of the below is a security mechanism that can be used to protect the network against spoofed IP address?
39. You are configuring Network Address Translation on the Internet router of your company to allow Internet access for users inside the network. You received a request from your manager to also NAT the public servers IP addresses to private IP addresses so the users think of them as local resources in the network.

When accessing a public server using the destination IP address of, what is the type of this IP address?
40. Given the below figure that shows EIGRP cost over links toward the subnet, which of the below statements is true when starting from R1?EIGRP2
41. R1 has the shown EIGRP routes. In order to filter some of them from being advertised to R2, the network administrator configured R1 as shown. What is the impact of applying this configuration?

42. Routers, R1,R2,R3 and R4 are connected to the same LAN segment and OSPF is enabled on the four routers. The four routers has OSPF enabled on all interfaces and advertise their subnets in OSPF. i.e,, and R4 was the last powered up router.

R3 can't route traffic to the subnet Why?

OSPF1Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 9.04.09 PM
43. Your colleague in the network team assigned OSPF Interface Cost on each router interface as show on this diagram.

OSPF2Which Path will router R1 choose to send traffic to a host in the network
44. You are just hired in a new company and your manager assigned a task for you to make sure that R1 in the below network can reach the network Study the diagram and routers configuration carefully and suggest what to do to make sure that traffic reaching R1 destined to the network can be routed in this network.

OSPF3Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 8.58.28 PM
45. In the below diagram, all Blue lines are Gig Ethernet interfaces and all red lines are Fastethernet  Interfaces. All interface OSPF cost are default values calculated by each router. What path will the traffic destined to R1's Lo1 interface take starting at R5?

46. A junior engineer connected the shown network and configured the routers as below. Your team manager assigned a task for you as the senior network engineer to revise the topology and configuration and make sure that hosts connected to devices in OSPF domain can reach hosts on the network

What must be done to achieve full reachability to the network

Redistribution1Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 11.11.42 PM
47. The User in the below diagram started his PC and is configured to get his IP address through DHCP server.

R1 is configured to relay DHCP requests to the DHCP server. DHCP scope is created on the DHCP server and the user expects to get an IP address in this range but it fails. According to the shown R1 and R2 configuration, what is the problem?

DHCPScreen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.08.29 PM
48. Your company leased two Internet connections from two different providers as shown in the below diagram. Your manager asked you to configure load-balancing for outgoing traffic towards the two networks and over the two links. Which of the below statements are correct about this network setup?

49. You configured the below EIGRP network with the shown metrics on each link between the routers. In order increase the bandwidth used to route traffic from R1 to network 1 you configured variance of 3 on R1. Which of the below statement is the correct one?