A Free GNS3 Based Cisco Rack Solution

vRack is designed to run on your home PC, or laptop and give you unlimited hands-on access to virtual routers running actual Cisco IOS (you need to supply your own IOS code). It runs off GNS3 –¬†and we acknowledge their efforts in creating the platform.

vRack will let you play with our preconfigured topologies or create your own. vRack works best on a high-end PC ideally Intel Core i “x” processor and 4GB RAM.

Please follow the videos below for downloading and installing vRack. Please also watch the other videos on fine-tuning the environment. We strongly recommend you use the 3725 12.4T Advanced IOS image with the 3700 series router available in the list of routers. It also supports the 16-port switching model, which allows you to configure basic switching.

Extra topologies for our CCNP ROUTE / 101 CCNP Labs / CCNP Remote Office labs can be downloaded here. Unzip and install in the projects folder (seen in the below video for IOS). /opt/GNS3/Project

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