LPIC1 Exam 101

Video training course for the LPIC1 101 exam. You must also pass the 102 exam to gain the LPIC1 qualification. When you pass this exam, you can elect to be awarded the CompTIA Linux+ qualification also.

This course concentrates on Linux system architecture.

Your Instructor

David Clinton
Is a teacher, technical writer and Linux system admin. He has a love teaching born of twenty years of high school classroom experience, certified Linux system administration skills and piles and piles of published books and articles.

He has a special fondness for free and open source software (and a great respect for FOSS developers).

  • Almost 6 hours of video training
  • Instructor follow along labs
  • End-of-module exams
  • End-of-course certificate
  • Captions available
  • Access to members only forum
  • Exam vendor – Pearson VUE
  • Prerequisites – None
  • Recommended – Network+
Module 1 Basic Linux Survival
Unit 1 What is Linux?
Unit 2 Navigating the Linux Filesystem
Module 2 Hardware
Unit 1 Mass Storage Devices and Kernel Module Management
Unit 2 Managing Peripheral Devices
Module 3 System Boot
Unit 1 The Boot Sequence
Unit 2 Boot Logs
Module 4 Runlevels
Unit 1 Managing Linux Runlevels
Unit 2 Runlevels and Init's Successors
Module 5 Disk Partitioning
Unit 1 Disk Architecture
Unit 2 Assessing System Requirements
Module 6 Boot Manager
Unit 1 Install and Configure Bootmanager (GRUB)
Module 7 Shared Libraries
Unit 1 Managing Shared Libraries
Module 8 Debian Package Management
Unit 1 Debian Package Management
Module 9 RPM and YUM Packages
Unit 1 Identify and Control Packages
Module 10 The Command Line
Unit 1 BASH Commands and Shell Sessions
Module 11 Processing Text
Unit 1 Text Processing Tools I
Unit 2 Text Processing Tools II
Module 12 File Management
Unit 1 File Management
Unit 2 File Backup
Module 13 Redirecting Data Streams
Unit 1 Streams, Pipes and Redirects
Module 14 Managing Processes
Unit 1 Control Process Behaviour
Module 15 Process Priorities
Unit 1 Managing Process Priorities in Linux
Module 16 Search and Manipulate Text Files
Unit 1 Search Text Files Using Regular Expressions
Module 17 vi text editor
Unit 1 Edit Text Using vi
Module 18 Create Filesystems
Unit 1 Managing and Creating Disk Partitions in Linux
Module 19 Maintain and Repair Filesystems
Unit 1 Linux File Management
Module 20 Mounting Filesystems
Unit 1 Mounting and Unmounting Linux Filesystems
Module 21 Disk Quotas
Unit 1 Linux Disk Quotas
Module 22 Permissions
Unit 1 Linux File Permissions
Unit 2 Linux File Ownership
Module 23 Links
Unit 1 Working With Hard and Symbolic Links
Module 24 Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Unit 1 Filesystem Hierarchy Standard