CompTIA Storage+

Storage networking engineers are in high demand in today's workplace. Additionally, IT professionals interested in data center or network backbone related positions are likely to need strong storage networking skills to do their jobs.

CompTIA created the Storage+ certification in partnership with the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). It is currently considered the leading entry-level storage technology certification exam. The syllabus includes the skills needed to configure basic storage networks for archive, backup, and restore technologies. The exam also covers the basics of disaster recovery and business continuity, application workloads, system integration, storage and system administration, and troubleshooting connectivity issues.

The Storage+ is the perfect kicking off point for interested or curious IT professionals, to help develop skills and knowledge in this area. Consider it before taking any Data Center, Amazon, VMware or NetApp certification. The SNIA have retired their SNIA Certified Storage Professional (SCSP) certification in favor of the Storage+ which guarantees that you are learning about state-of-the-art storage tools and technologies.

This course covers the latest objectives for exam SGO-001.

Your Instructor

Pakalavan K
Has 16 years of experience in IT industry. In 2001, he started his journey as a Technical Support Executive, and gradually worked his way to become a Team Manager supporting enterprise IT customers for Microsoft. His team supported Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2007 and 2003. Most of his duties included identifying, troubleshooting and finding a solution apt for a problem, be it hardware or software.

He loves teaching IT courses. In 2014, he created an exhaustive e-learning course on virtualization for Udemy.

  • Almost 8 hours of video training
  • Instructor follow along case studies
  • End-of-module exams
  • End-of-course certificate
  • Captions available
  • Access to members only forum
  • Exam vendor – PearsonVue
  • Prerequisites – None
  • Recommended – CompTIA A+ or Network+
Module 1 Welcome to the Course
Unit 1 Welcome to the Course
Module 2 Mechanical Disk Drives
Unit 1 Introduction to Disk Drives
Unit 2 Hard Disk Interfaces and Protocols
Unit 3 Hard Disk Drive Geometry
Unit 4 Hard Disk Drive Characteristics
Module 3 Solid State Storage
Unit 1 Solid State Storage
Module 4 Storage Arrays
Unit 1 Introduction to Storage Arrays
Unit 2 Storage Array Architecture
Module 5 RAID
Unit 1 Introduction to RAID
Unit 2 RAID Levels
Module 6 FC SAN
Unit 1 Introduction to SAN
Unit 2 Fibre Channel Architecture
Unit 3 Components of FC SAN
Unit 4 FC SAN Topologies
Unit 5 Characteristics of FC Switches
Unit 6 N_Port ID Virtualization
Module 7 IP-SAN
Unit 1 Introduction to IP-SAN
Unit 2 iSCSI SAN
Module 8 Converged Networking
Unit 1 Introduction to Converged Networking
Unit 2 Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
Unit 3 Data Center Operations
Module 9 Replication
Unit 1 Replication
Module 10 Backup and Recovery
Unit 1 Introduction to Backup and Recovery
Unit 2 Backup and Restore Methods
Unit 3 Backup Implementation Methods
Unit 4 Backup Targets
Unit 5 Content-Addressable Storage and Archive
Module 11 Storage Management
Unit 1 Capacity Optimization Methods - Part 1
Unit 2 Capacity Optimization Methods - Part 2
Unit 3 LUN Provisioning Techniques
Unit 4 Storage Virtualization
Unit 5 Monitoring and Alerting
Module 12 Storage Performance
Unit 1 Storage Performance
Module 13 Troubleshooting
Unit 1 FC-SAN Troubleshooting
Unit 2 LAN Troubleshooting