CompTIA Security+

Video training course for the CompTIA Security+ network technician exam. This course is the perfect follow-up to the Network+. The Security+ is a required qualification with most government IT departments and is a great start to a career in network security.

CompTIA Security+ is an international, vendor-neutral certification that demonstrates competency in:

  • Network security
  • Compliance and operational security
  • Threats and vulnerabilities
  • Application, data, and host security
  • Access control and identity management
  • Cryptography

This qualification requires you to pass the SY0-401 exam.

Your Instructors

Ernie Cambell
Lives in Ohio (USA) and has a wife, four kids and a hound dog; spends his leisure time golfing, reading and playing with his computers.Ernie has worked as a Network Administrator and for the past 15 years has worked as a Consultant and Trainer.

Ernie has been an MCT since 1998, teaching Windows Server technologies and in 2005 began his fascination with and subsequent focus on Security.Twice named to EC-Councils Circle of Excellence, Ernie spends a good bit of his classroom time teaching Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures courses and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation.

Adeolu Owokade
Is a technology lover who has always been intrigued by Security. He has many years of experience in the design, implementation, and support of network and security technologies.

He's also CCIE (Security) with a new found love in writing and teaching.

  • Over 7 hours of video training
  • End-of-module exams
  • End-of-course certificate
  • Captions available
  • Exam vendor – Pearson Vue
  • Prerequisites – None
  • Recommended – Network+
Module 1 Security Fundamentals
Unit 1 Information Security
Unit 2 Cryptography
Module 2 Vulnerabilities and Attack Vectors
Unit 1 Physical Security
Unit 2 Network Based Threats I
Unit 3 Network Based Threats II
Unit 4 Passwords
Unit 5 Malware
Unit 6 Social Engineering
Module 3 Network Security
Unit 1 Network Devices I
Unit 2 Network Devices II
Unit 3 Network Protocols I
Unit 4 Network Protocols II
Unit 5 Network Protocols III
Unit 6 Securing Wireless
Module 4 Security Management
Unit 1 Network Design Elements
Unit 2 Device/Host Security
Unit 3 Application Security
Unit 4 Data Security
Module 5 AAA
Unit 1 Authentication
Unit 2 Account Management
Unit 3 Remote Access
Module 6 Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Unit 1 Certificate Authorities
Unit 2 Securing Network Traffic
Module 7 Operational and Statutory Compliance
Unit 1 Legal Compliance
Module 8 Risk Management
Unit 1 Risk Analysis and Calculation
Unit 2 Penetration Testing
Unit 3 Mitigation and Deterrence
Module 9 Incident Handling
Unit 1 Incident Management and Response
Module 10 Business Continuity Planning
Unit 1 Business Continuity
Unit 2 Contingency Planning
Module 11 Introduction to SY0-401 and Network Security
Unit 1 Introduction to the New Security+ - SY0-401
Unit 2 Acronyms to Know
Unit 3 Network Security
Unit 4 Network Devices
Unit 5 Network Design Elements
Unit 6 Common Protocols and Services
Unit 7 Wireless Networking
Module 12 Compliance and Operational Security
Unit 1 Compliance and Operational Security
Unit 2 Risk Related Concepts
Unit 3 Integrating Systems and Data With Third Parties
Unit 4 Basic Forensic Procedures
Unit 5 Incident Response Procedures
Unit 6 Physical Security and Environmental Controls
Unit 7 Risk Management Best Practices
Module 13 Threats and Vulnerabilities
Unit 1 Threats and Vulnerabilities
Unit 2 Malware Types
Unit 3 Attack Types
Unit 4 Social Engineering Attacks
Unit 5 Wireless Attack Types
Unit 6 Application Attack Types
Unit 7 Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques
Unit 8 Tools and Techniques to Discover Threats and Vulnerabilities
Unit 9 Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Scanning
Module 14 Application, Host and Data Security
Unit 1 Application, Host and Data Security
Unit 2 Application Security Controls and Techniques
Unit 3 Mobile Security Concepts and Technologies
Unit 4 Host Security
Unit 5 Data Security
Unit 6 Mitigate Security Risks in Static Environments
Module 15 Access Control and Identity Management
Unit 1 Access Control and Identity Management
Unit 2 Authentication Services
Unit 3 Authentication, Authorization and Access Control
Unit 4 Account Management Best Practices
Module 16 Cryptography
Unit 1 Cryptography
Unit 2 General Cryptography Concepts
Unit 3 Cryptographic Methods
Unit 4 PKI and Certificate Management