Cisco CCNP ROUTE v2.0

Video training course for the newly updated Cisco CCNP ROUTE 300-101 ROUTE v2.0 exam. This is the first of three exams you need to pass in order to qualify as a CCNP RS.

The ROUTE is the hardest of the three CCNP RS exams and includes IP routing, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, IPv6, route redistribution and manipulation.

Your Instructor

David Voss
CCIE 11372, has been involved with networking since 1996. He has achieved CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and CCDP certifications and in 2013 he celebrated his 10th anniversary as a CCIE.  He currently works in network design, but has also worked in consulting, pre-sales, and engineering for large corporations and Cisco partners.

He currently lives in Virginia (USA) with his wife and three kids. David will complete a Master of Science in IT Executive Management from Virginia Commonwealth University in the spring of 2014.

  • Over 9  hours of video training
  • Instructor guided labs
  • End-of-module exams
  • End-of-course certificate
  • Access to members only forum
  • Exam vendor – Pearson Vue
  • Prerequesites – CCNA
  • Recommended – CCNA
Module 1 Network Fundamentals
Unit 1 CCNP Route Lab Topology Introduction
Unit 2 Routing Protocol Fundamentals
Unit 3 Network Technology Fundamentals
Unit 4 TCP/IP Fundamentals
Unit 5 Frame Relay Operations
Module 2 Implementing EIGRP
Unit 1 EIGRP Concepts
Unit 2 EIGRP Activation and Neighborships
Unit 3 EIGRP Topology Table
Unit 4 EIGRP Customization and Authentication
Unit 5 EIGRP Route Manipulation and Filtering
Module 3 Implementing OSPF
Unit 1 OSPF Concepts
Unit 2 OSPF Activation and Neighbor Relationships
Unit 3 OSPF Topology and Link State Advertisements
Unit 4 OSPF Route Manipulation
Unit 5 OSPF Virtual Links and Frame Relay Configuration
Module 4 Implementing BGP
Unit 1 BGP Concepts
Unit 2 BGP Configuration
Unit 3 BGP Verification
Unit 4 BGP Path Control
Module 5 Implementing IPv6
Unit 1 IPv6 Addressing and Migration
Unit 2 IPv6 Routing Protocols
Unit 3 RIPng Configuration and Verification
Unit 4 EIGRP (v6) Configuration and Verification
Unit 5 OSPFv3 (v6) Configuration and Verification
Unit 6 BGP (v6) Configuration and Verification
Module 6 Infrastructure Services
Unit 1 Branch Office Networking Implementation
Unit 2 Policy Based Routing and IP SLA
Unit 3 Route Redistribution
Unit 4 Implement and Verify NAT
Unit 5 Dynamic IP(v6) Assignment using DHCP
Module 7 VPN Technologies
Unit 1 Configure and Verify GRE
Unit 2 DMVPN Part 1 - mGRE and NHRP
Unit 3 DMVPN Part 2 - IPSec
Unit 4 Easy Virtual Networking
Module 8 Infrastructure Security
Unit 1 Configure and verify device access and security features
Unit 2 CCNP Route Exam Tips