Cisco CCDP v3.0

Video training course for the newly updated Cisco 300-320 ARCH / CCDP v3.0 network design exam. A Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) certified network engineer had advanced knowledge of the network design concepts and principles required to develop multi-layer enterprise architectures and network components.

This is a theory only course so you do not require access to any equipment. We do demonstrate some commands on live equipment in some of the lectures but this is for demonstration purposes only.

Network design is one of the most rewarding and exciting careers you can choose. You work with the customer on their requirements and then create a network design for handover to the installation team. You will often be working with project managers, network security teams and senior managers in order to complete the design.

Your Instructor

David Voss
CCIE 11372, has been involved with networking since 1996. He has achieved CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and CCDP certifications and in 2013 he celebrated his 10th anniversary as a CCIE.

He currently works in network design, but has also worked in consulting, pre-sales, and engineering for large corporations and Cisco partners.He currently lives in Virginia (USA) with his wife and three kids. David completed a Master of Science in IT Executive Management from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014.

  • Over 10  hours of video training
  • End-of-module exams
  • End-of-course certificate
  • Access to members only forum
  • Exam vendor – Pearson Vue
  • Prerequesites – CCDA
  • Recommended – Network+
Module 1 The Cisco Enterprise Architecture Model
Unit 1 Cisco Intelligent Information Network
Unit 2 Service-Oriented Network Architecture
Unit 3 PPDIOO Lifecycle Methodology
Unit 4 Cisco Hierarchical Network Model
Unit 5 Cisco Enterprise Architecture Model
Module 2 Advanced Enterprise Architecture Model
Unit 1 Layer 2 Campus Infrastructure Best Practices
Unit 2 Layer 3 Campus Infrastructure Best Practices
Unit 3 Virtualization Design Considerations
Unit 4 Designing a Wireless Network
Unit 5 Designing Quality of Service
Unit 6 Network Management
Module 3 Designing Advanced IP Addressing
Unit 1 Importance of IP Addressing
Unit 2 Subnet Design and Summarization
Unit 3 IPv6 Migration Strategies
Unit 4 Address Planning
Unit 5 Network Address Translation Applications
Unit 6 Designing IPv6 Addressing
Module 4 Designing Advanced IP Multicast
Unit 1 Defining the Concept of IP Multicast
Unit 2 IP Multicast Functionality
Unit 3 Protocol Independent Multicast
Unit 4 Multicasting in Ethernet and Switched Environments
Module 5 Designing Advanced Routing Solutions
Unit 1 Concepts of Routing Protocols
Unit 2 Route Manipulation
Unit 3 Advanced EIGRP
Unit 4 Advanced OSPF
Unit 5 Advanced BGP
Unit 6 IPv6 Routing
Unit 7 Advanced IS-IS
Module 6 Designing Advanced WAN Services
Unit 1 Wide Area Network Design Overview
Unit 2 Optical Networking
Unit 3 Metro Ethernet
Unit 4 Virtual Private Network and IP Security for VPNs
Unit 5 Service Level Agreement
Unit 6 Multiprotocol Label Switching VPN Technology
Unit 7 WAN Design Decisions and Criteria
Module 7 Designing the Enterprise Data Center
Unit 1 General Considerations for the Enterprise Data Center
Unit 2 Enterprise Data Center Architecture
Unit 3 Data Center and Network Integration
Unit 4 Software Defined Networking
Unit 5 Virtualization
Module 8 Designing Advanced Security Services
Unit 1 Network Attacks and Countermeasures
Unit 2 Designing Firewalls
Unit 3 NAC Services
Unit 4 Designing Intrusion Prevention Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems
Unit 5 Advanced VPN
Unit 6 Security Management