Cisco certifications are considered by many as the most prestigious and toughest networking exams you can take. Over 80% of companies use Cisco equipment, so becoming qualified to install, configure, and troubleshoot their routers and switches should be a high priority for any network engineer.

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Cisco CCNA Primer

The Cisco CCNA is a hard exam and even if you have passed the CompTIA Network+ you may find it a huge leap in difficulty. The CCNA Primer course will help you lay a strong foundation for the CCNA and give you valuable knowledge and insights you can use if you decide to take the full CCNA course later on.

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Cisco CCNA Simplified

Video training course to accompany the Amazon bestselling book Cisco CCNA Simplified. Take this course if you want to take the ICND1/ICND2/CCNA exam using our famous workbook. If you are using another workbook or none at all then take one of the below two courses.

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The first of two exams if you want to pass your CCNA exam. If you pass only the ICND1, you will be awarded the CCENT certification. The CCENT course prepares you for junior-level Cisco network support as well as enables you to take the Cisco Voice and Security exams or any other specialization.

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Cisco ICND2

The ICND2 follows from the ICND1 and is a deeper dive into IPv6, routing, switching and network security as well as other advanced subjects.

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Cisco CCNA Security

Network security has always been a concern to every IT user, from the home-based PC user to major enterprise networks. If you want to enjoy a successful career in internetworking, then security is a skill you will want to learn. This course will get you up to the level required for the Cisco CCNA Security network technician.

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Cisco CCNA Voice

Voice networking is one of the most rewarding and in demand specialties available to network engineers. This video course is taught by an industry expert and former Cisco Academy Trainer.

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Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching

This core Cisco qualification consists of the three exams (shown below), ROUTE, SWITCH, and TSHOOT. Once you have passed them you will be qualified as a Cisco Certified Network Professional, which is held in very high regard in the networking industry. You need to set aside at least 9 months to study for all three exams.


Cisco CCNP ROUTE v2.0

The first and hardest of the three CCNP RS exams. ROUTE covers core routing architecture, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP and remote office technology.

This is a hard but very prestigious exam to pass. Allow 3-5 months per CCNP exam. Updated for the 2.0 syllabus.

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Cisco CCNP SWITCH v2.0

Switch covers layer 2 and 3 switching concepts including VLANs, STP, switch security, MPLS, QoS, voice and much more.

We recommend taking SWITCH before the ROUTE and TSHOOT exams because it's considered the easier of the three exams. Updated for the 2.0 syllabus.

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Cisco CCNP TSHOOT v2.0

The TSHOOT exam combines all your CCNA and CCNP knowledge gained so far and applies it to real-world internetworking issues.

We recommend you take this exam last out of the three you need to pass for the CCNP RS. Updated for the 2.0 syllabus.

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Cisco CCDA v3.0

The Cisco Certified Design Associate is your pathway to becoming a network designer. The CCDA is a highly enjoyable course packed with cutting edge design modules covering routing, security, voice, video, IPv6 and many other core topics you need to know before you plan an enterprise network. Updated for the brand new CCDA exam.

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Cisco CCDP v3.0

The Cisco Certified Design Professional is achieved by passing the CCNP ROUTE and SWITCH exams (above) and finally the ARCH.

This course teaches you how to plan and design advanced IP networks including BGP and Data Center requirements.

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Cisco CCNP – Voice

Cisco are the market leader in voice networking and the CCNP Voice is a highly sought after certification. In order to attain the certification you must pass five very hard exams starting with the CVOICE. See below.



The first of five exams for the CCNP Voice certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of how to implement and operate gateways, gatekeepers, Cisco Unified Border Element, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and QoS in a voice network architecture.

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